When Diane Hessan and her team founded Communispace in 2000, they had a philosophy about research that disrupted the industry. Their data showed that checking in with consumers at one point in time, such as polling or focus groups, was less effective in our changing world.  Consumers might feel one way but change their opinions over time—often from day to day.

The result was the creation of a technology that allowed brands to stay in touch with their customers on a continuous basis. Communispace, now C Space, is still thriving today.

During the most recent Presidential campaign, Hessan applied the C Space philosophy to politics, interviewing Undecided Voters in Swing States, and ultimately analyzing what moments influenced them.  The result was first published in the Boston Globe and also covered by a range of media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, we are doing a new study of nearly 500 Clinton and Trump voters, to understand how they voted—and how their views are shifting over time. The ultimate goal is to find common ground, and to share insights about the citizens of the U.S. The most recent Op-Ed is here.

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